Functional Components Description


The Platform Faustine is dedicated to EM fault injection. The EM hardware is controlled through several parameters (power,waveform,…). It is adapted from low-end microcontroller (e.g. ST32) to high-end multocore SoC (e.g. Rasberry Pi3).Data acquisition is done through a high-speed oscilloscope.The target is inside a Farady cage to avoid exteral EM perturbance. The device is mounted on a X-T-Z table allowing a high precision position of the probe. Several probes are available large coverage or precise coverage. Home-made probe for specific usage can also be used. A camera inside the cage allows a visual positioning of the device under the probe. 

MoM Platform

The Mom platform is dedicated in one hand to grab malware from external database, to execute them on a Windows (7/810 operating system 32 and 64 bits) bare metal platform. Then, the platform stores the live samples in a database labelling with a probable identification. In the other hand, MoM can execute anti ransomware solution 24/7 on the slaves, recording several parameters like the number of byte lost before detection, the number of files lost and so on.

The automated process is the following: a new image with different is loaded on a slave, a ransomware is sent to the slave, a session is automatically simulated (mouse, keybord, applications processes,…) and the ransomware is executed. If after a 15 minutes delay no activity is detected, a new image is loaded and a new ransomware is tested.If the ciphering activity is detected then the test results are stored in the database.

Services provided

  • Evaluation of the effect of fault into a software stack.

  • Evaluation of an anti-ransomware solution.


HW security evaluation, ransomware IDS


  • Evaluation of the effect of fault into a software stack

  • Evaluation of an anti-ransomware solution

Technical equipment

  • Faustine: fault injection platform with EM environment to stress IoT devices and high end SoC. It includes EM probes, Signal generator, RF amplifier, High bandwidth oscilloscope, Faraday cage,... The software stack to design experiment is open source.

  • MoM: platform to evaluate ransomware. It includes a Database, direct access to Internet, baremetal execution on slave PC.

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